You don’t know what it holds

So this is my first post. I feel like I’ve tried so hard over the past years to not put my raw thoughts out into the world. Another prime example of how you really never know what the future holds. Shit has that been proven to me more times than I can count just in the recent months. Obviously COVID but then a number of other things as well. I never thought I would be starting my own business and yet, here I sit in the midst of corrugated cardboard backing, shipping tubes and rigid mailers. I never thought that my best friend of 18 years would suddenly cut contact but hey, who needs old negative friends anyways. And not negative in a fun or useful way, just mean. My relationship status is equally surprising. First for me to be in one, and mostly because he has a toddler and now instead of binge drinking in my spare time I am a happy, sober step mama. A few years ago if I would have seen myself I wouldn’t know who I was. But in a good way.

Anyways, this is an introduction. I have lived a crazy, sad, amazing live. I’ve spent the last 5 years putting my life together after a shit storm of WTF and am fir the first time, in what I always heard was called a healthy life. Sure I have my issues like everyone else, the occasional call from Mom “Felicia your sister od’ed again” or simply trying to cope after lifelong abuse but I am happy to say doing ok. Which is something I never thought I would be. Not even happy just ok. I didn’t think I deserved it sub consciously. Then one day the switch was flipped. And now here I am writing to you. It will get better I promise.

I hope you stay tuned and thoroughly entertained.


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