Desert Nights

I look through my various bottles of scent and pick up an old familiar one

One that lived on my night stand for quite some time

You are almost empty, but still some juice to spare

I tilt you over to bang you to my wrist

Puuap puuap puuap

The noise you make

I can see the last bit slowly make its way down

Down the hole

To my holes

To enchant them with memories of not too long ago

Here you come, yes

Like an injection into my veins, you hit my holes 

Seeping in, my knees grow weak

I grip the dresser 

My eyes roll back, mouth slightly open

I drop my head and sit in this ecstasy

Filling my cells

Invigorating them 

My whole body vibrates

Radiates a stench

A stench of those nights

The air thick with it, as it was back then

I open my eyes to see my reflection in the mirror

You are not there

I am alone

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