What is in a dream?

Clothing dream 

I dreamt that I was in New York and I was going to college out there and everything was slightly weird and I was trying to buy clothes at a clothing store but I didn’t like anything. I ended up getting jeans and wearing jeans to go do something outside and I didn’t like them because they were tight and restricting so I went to my parents house which was a smaller than normal apartment and kept looking through my clothes and it was all the clothes I’d ever had and I couldn’t find my yoga pants that I wanted to wear. I started throwing all the clothes out the window because I didn’t want them anymore because they were old and there was a massive pile outside the window next to my car. I went to look for something else and looked out the window and there was a massive riot of people that came and took all the clothes in my car and all the other cars on the street. I started freaking out and telling everyone but no one seem to care and then someone knocked on the door and it was a black family and the woman came in and went straight to the balcony and started having sex with Lucas and I was freaked out when they left she was pregnant and he was hunched over on the floor still alive but not how it was before.I was only at my parents and how they didn’t notice this or think anything was weird and then the black family just said that they were going to eat and then nothing was wrong. 


Denim is rugged, and was too tight. It was uncomfortable. Yoga pants are flexible and easy going. All the clothes and may not watching them are symbolic of changing who I was since they are all clothes from my past windows represent hope and a future I am throwing them out the window so that I could have a future and a hope. A black woman and her children were waiting outside. The door was ajar and my mother told me to let them in. This could be a representative of a part of me that wants to come in since the door was ajar is it it is kind of already coming in. She was a mother she had children she had sex

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