A love letter to you

I tell you “this is not the end of our story this is only the beginning. Your life and mine are far too interesting for us to have met, and for it to go easily. This is the start of an epic story. Massive explosion.” You tilt your drink and cheer me. I know that you are my one. My unicorn. Your stories which others would shriek away from in horror, I am so strongly drawn to. They feed me. And I am hungry. I’ve felt like this once before. And I went to crazy lengths to be with him. Flew to NY, drove across country with him, kept it all a secret. Stayed at a hotel 3 blocks from his and his gfs house in la so he could come see me. Did that again after we broke up. He was my one. But he lost that title, and my respect, arousal, and love long ago. You. You are my one now. And the same is true. All the lengths I went to before, and more.

I will go through for you, I want you.

To be beside you, In you

Wear you

I want to crawl into your flesh and writhe

Bite and eat you

Birth and kill you

You are me and I am you.

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