You Fan Fiction ALT Ending Season 1

I was in love with the first season of You. I wrote this right after I finished it and was still hot and heavy with the tension. It is unfinished, like most of my works you will come to see. But perhaps they are not unfinished, but still living…

My take on fan fiction, You: steamy alt ending

As Joe is confessing his acts of love to Beck she stares with tears and shakes in her eyes. Her body is pulsing with an unfamiliar current that is so powerful she feels like she is about to explode. But what kind of explode? This sensation was familiar in a way, but different in the same. Without thinking, Beck takes a deep breath and her body reacts as she allows it to move independently from her mind. Her hand finds its way down her pants. She begins to pleasure herself. Her panties are already soaked with what she assumed was the explosion she felt moments earlier, and now she was beginning to under stand why.
Joe is taken by what is happening in front of his eyes. This was not an outcome that he expected. Unexpected or not, he was pleased. He was sure of this by the tightness he felt growing in the front of his pants. He follows Becks eyes down to his crotch, as she too has noticed his excitement. Beck mouths “please come in” writhing in this now familiar current, her free hang sliding up her breast then resting there. Joe reaches in into his pocket and fumbles to find the right key. He finds it and with a exclamation of joy inserts the key, just as he knew he would insert his into her.
Both are whirling with the same hurricane inside, but also the same hesitation one has when jumping into cold water.
They stand face to face. The heat that is building between their bodies has caused for a light glaze to build up on the brow of Joe. Both are heavily breathing at a rapid pace.
Beck manages to squeeze words out in-between her quivers and heavy panting.
“You did all this for me? Because you love me?”
“Yes Beck. I did it all for you. I would do anything for you. Even kill. I love you more than anything in this world.”
Beck gasps as she feels another explosion coming on. Her knees are weak. Tears stream down her face. Her nose is running.
“I love you.” She grabs his face with both hands and adds “and I am so turned on by how much you love me.” She takes her hand that had been inside her wet hot passion and rubs her index and middle finger across Joe’s soft lips. He cups her womanhood over her jeans and he can feel the heat. Her jeans feel damp. He can’t hold himself anymore. He grabs her face shoves his tongue into her mouth. His left hand moves from the side of her face to her neck, and he applies pressure. He stares straight into Becks eyes, into her soul. “Can I trust her” is on repeat in his head.
Not breaking eye contact he grabs her arm and turns it behind her back. Her eyes light up with passion as she smiles. She gargles out a whisper “Harder”. Joe obliges. “She wants it harder, Ill giver her harder” he thinks. He shoves her up against the wall. She gasps out the wind that is knocked from her body from but does not stop smiling. Joe flips her around, and shoves her face into the glass. Beck puts both her hands up on the glass.
Joe brings his mouth to her ear. He licks the side of her face and asks, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Beck replies, “I know you would never hurt me. And that you really love me. And would do anything for me. Even… “ She stops and tries to turn around to make eye contact with Joe. Joe lets her. “Kill” she finishes.  Beck pulls down her pants. Joe does the same. Beck lowers herself down to her knees until she is eye level with Joe’s engorged member being confined behind a thin sheet of cotton. She presses her open mouth to it and exhales hot air from her insides. Joe drops his head back and realizes he is in a vulnerable situation himself. But he doesn’t care at this point. He is rock hard and if she did try anything, he knew he could over power her.

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