Shipment Received

As is common in my erotic writing, I end up with blue balls. I don’t finish, and I fantasize about the next. I like to think of it as writers edging.


I had just received a shipment of our new publication and you were late to help me as usual. The metal and concrete building blocked all cell signal so I was left to entertain myself the old fashioned way. I began with wandering the Halls and running my fingers across the ridges of the white metal paneling that covered them. It was fun at first, when I got turned around and recalled scenes from labyrinth as if I was Jennifer Connelly. I looked on the floor for red arrows left in lipstick that were going to be pointing the opposite direction thanks to those asshole fairies. 
This imaginary child’s play did not occupy my mind for long. It’s raining outside so I am confined to the building. I go stand under the overhang and glimpse out at the droplets that fall from the sky. There is a utility van outside with the text “C and W systems and designs”. I notice a man poking around the back side of the van and see he also notices me. He is tall, probably 6’3, 6’4. In his late 40s maybe even 50s. He looks as if he has spent his live working hard, and in the sun. Atop his sun washed face is a tuft of dishwater blonde and grey hair. 
I watch as he watches me. I coyly prop myself up on top of the pallet of books and swing my feet to give the illusion of innocence. He fumbles with his tool bag as I believe he is imagining me fumbling with his. I give a flirtatious smile and look down. We both go on our ways, he fixing whatever it is that is broken in the elevator shaft, and I pull out a book from my bag. My back is pressed against the concrete wall, the same wall he is on the other side of working. I hear him clanking and drilling away. The sounds echoing in the elevator shaft fill the halls with their metallic tings and tongs.
The sounds reside for a moment and following this silence, Mr. elevator sticks his head from around the wall.
“You aren’t going to need the elevator any time soon are you?” He knew I didn’t I was waiting with my pallets of books before he got there. 
“Nope. Just waiting for my team mate so we can load our inventory into our van” I reply with a warm smile on my face. 
“So what is your product you are selling?”
“Not selling, giving away.”
“Giving away?” 
His face was perplexed. I open one of the boxes and hand him one of the novels. “Here, this is the book we give out. It’s part of a promotion.”
“Oh no, I couldn’t.” 
He reaches his arm out to give it back. In reality, I did give these books away and I hated it when people gave them back thinking it was too generous of a gift. He pulls his arm back. I notice a ring on his finger. But not on his ring finger. No. This ring is on his middle finger on his left hand. On his ring finger, you could see a light skin colored band wrapping around the base. The skin shielded from his marriage vows which were probably many years ago glowed. Obviously he didn’t notice this in his costume change from a married man to a single one. I didn’t mind. I did not want a husband. He wasn’t mine. What did I care? 
I am well aware of what his intentions were set to, and mine weren’t far off. He was a little old and sun kissed for my general liking, but he was a man, and he was there. I set my book aside and turn my body fully facing his. I slowly slide down off the pallet and keep my eyes locked with his. I walk right up to him and ask “Now what are you working on?” He takes a deep breath in and I can feel the cells in his body start to vibrate, causing mine to do the same. He shakes his head to regain some blood flow to the proper one, and points to the area in which he was working before his pathetic excuse to come chat. 
“There is a problem with the shaft sensor” He points up at a half dismantled box on the wall. I make it a point to brush my body against his as I lean over to peek at whatever the fuck that is. I put my hands on his arm to balance me as I lean over to look down shaft. He tenses his arm to give me a firm support beam and clasps his opposite hand on top on mine. When I pull back up he does not release his hand nor do I mine. I look at him. Right into his soul. His hungry, hungry soul. I can feel the lust and desire radiating off of him. Especially his cock. I shift to the tips of my toes and and raise my chin. I feel trembling. The trembling of a man faced with the choice of fulfilling his sexual fantasy, or being a good husband. Surely she would never find out. This was a one time thing. One and done. Never to be mentioned again. 
My head hangs in this position only for a few moments. That is how long it took for him to weigh the options of adultery. He meets my lips with his. They are chapped and he tastes of cigarettes. His hand releases from mine and he wraps both of them around my face. He is kissing me with much intensity and passion. His hands travel down by body to my waist, then ass. He is moving so fast from one part of my body to the other I have to grab his hands and tell him “Slow down”. He takes a deep breath and like a good boy, follows his orders. I step backwards knowing that the same wall that separated us not long ago was behind me. He guided my body the rest of the way to it.  

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